Construal CE 625

Bridge Saw

General Information

It is strong, compact, of low maintenance, presenting a high level of quality where cutting is concerned as well as with an extraordinary renting capacity, having an automatic programming by means of a programmable robot with a viewing display of data. All this to effect specific cut cycles in marble and granite.

Constructed in molten iron, what means to us a guarantee of a lower vibration level, very resistant to corrosion and a high dimensional stability in its structure against external aggressions – impacts, continuous need in utilizing the machine, variations of temperature, etc.

The X axle-shaft movement made by a motor-reducing device with electronic variations of velocity.

The Y axle-shaft movement (of the measurements) through a motor-reducer with an electronic variation of velocity and of blocking up made by a bridle.

The Z axle-shaft movement through the motor-reducing having a fuse and a blocking made by a bridle.

A 360º rotating table having at every 45º it’s correct positioning.


  • CAD, CAM Copy System
  • Adjustable Disc Speed (inverter)
  • Incline Enabled Head Up To 90º
  • Tilting Table
  • Sliding Guides Protected By Bellows System Laser
  • Steel Support Legs

Technical Data

Tension / Frequency

400/50 – 220/60 V/Hz

Y Axis Travel


Disc Diameter


X Axis Travel


Disc Engine

11 – 22 Kw

Z Axis Travel


Table Dimension

118″ x 71″

Turnable Table

0º, 45º, 90º precision blockage


12,125 lbs

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