Construal FP 1100

CNC Bridge Saw

General Information


Designed for cutting and milling marble, granite and similar the FP GOLD is a solid, low-maintenance machine, featuring high-quality cutting/milling and high-performance levels.

Controlled by CNC in interface with Windows system, it allows easy handling and programming.

Small and easy to use, it is very flexible thanks to its 5 axes and several tools

Technical Data


7,000 Kg

Y Axis Travel

2,500 mm

Y Axis Speed

20,000 mm/min


ISO 50, 6,000 rpm

Disc Diameter

350 mm – 900 mm

X Axis Travel

3,700 mm

X Axis Speed

20,000 mm/min

Water Consumption

30 l/min

Motor Power

22 – 30 Kw

Z Axis Travel

800 – 1 100 mm

Z Axis Speed

10 m/min

Water Pressure

3 bar

Motor Speed

6000 rpm

C Axis Travel

0º – 360º

C Axis Speed

10 rpm

Table Dimension

118″ x 71″

A Axis Travel

0º – 90º

A Axis Speed

10 rpm

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