Water Filtration

General Information

This plant is able to clean water generated by many industrial processes without having to use any chemical additives (flocculent, poly-electrolytes, etc.). It is used to clean and remove oil from wastewater generated by the stone, ceramics and glass fab shops. It  has no moving parts, is not subject to wear and is safe and easy to use. The Lindo can separate sludge particles (which are lighter) just through a system of lamellar packs on calculated slopes. Which, slows down the sludge particles until they separate from the water particles.


  • Improves the environment by cleaning the water your shop uses
  • Water re-circulation saves water and energy

Install Lindo on a flat surface. The only maintenance required is the periodic removal of precipitated sludge, using the special pump.

Lindo Complete with SAC

ModelPower Submersible PumpPower Sludge Discharge PumpPower Autoclave PlumpDehydrator
200Hp 1.5Hp 1.5Hp 4SAC 2
400Hp 2Hp 1.5Hp 5.5SAC 4
600Hp 2Hp 1.5Hp 7.5SAC 4

Lindo Complete with Filterpress

ModelPower Submersible PumpPower Sludge Discharge PumpPower Autoclave PlumpFilterpress ModelNumber of Plates
400Hp 2Hp 1.5Hp 5.5BABY 56
600Hp 2Hp 1.5Hp 7.5BABY 56
800Hp 3Hp 1.52 da Hp 7.5BABY 56

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