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CF Motion Feist Machine Service

General Information

Designed for cutting marble, granite and similar the CF Motions is a solid, low-maintenance machine, featuring high-quality cut and high-performance levels. Controlled by CNC, it has 5 interpolated axes, 360º head rotation and 90º tilting saw. Besides cutting according to DXF drawings, being perfect for kitchen countertops, stairs, complex profiles, and circles, it has also a drilling system and a suction system to move the stone.


  • Easy STONE PREMIUM CAD/CAM software for engraving and milling.

Technical Data

Approximate Dimensions

23′ x 14.75′ x 12.2′

Table Dimension

134″ x 78.7″

Approximate Weight

13,300 lbs

A Axis Travel

0º – 90º

Motor Power

22.5 Hp

C Axis Travel

0º – 360º

Disc Diameter

14″ – 24.6″

X Axis Travel


Water Consumption

30 l/min

Y Axis Travel


Water Pressure

4 bar

Z Axis Travel


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